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T-Shirt Quilts
Embroidery, Sashing, Custom Backing
Pillows, Totes,, Gift Cards and Baby Quilts
Ordering a T-Shirt Quilt is Easy.

9 Squares - Lap T-Shirt Quilt
12 Squares - Picnic T-Shirt Quilt

add sashing $36 1.5" fabric border around each square
add a photo square, flannel backing, embroidery or wall hanging sleeve

16 Squares - Stadium T-Shirt Quilt

$179 Add to Cart

20 Squares - Couch T-Shirt Quilt

$205 Add to Cart

24 Squares - Twin Bedspread T-Shirt Quilt

$239  Add to Cart

25 Squares - T-Shirt Quilt

$249  Add to Cart

30 Squares - Full Bedspread T-Shirt Quilt
36 Squares - Wide Full Bedspread T-Shirt Quilt
42 Squares - Queen Size T-Shirt Quilt
49 Squares - King Size T-Shirt Quilt

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T-shirt "Memory" Quilts and Pillows